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Willeze Coupe – BA/BF Falcon Running Gear

We have done as much hard work as we can to make a realistic car that could be built at home in the shed, whether that be a Father and Son or the son by themselves. The Willeze Coupe is based on a BA/BF Falcon sedan using everything from a donor car. ABS Brakes, Cruise Control, Power Steering, Integrated Air Con, Reverse park sensors etc.

The Willeze coupe makes for a very drive-able vehicle and is acceptable to most after market upgrades and speed equipment made for BA/BF Falcons.

We have it so that mechanically 95% of the parts are direct Ford spare parts and by using the Ford seats, dash centre console (which includes Radio/Cd) Std Falcon molded carpet cut down the interior doesn’t have to break the bank as well..

We do offer a D.I.Y. trim kit made up of fibreglass door cards kick panels, hood-lining and rear window surrounds that you can cover yourself or have professionally trimmed. Donor cars can be XR6, XR8, Futura or basic 6cylinder/V8 Falcon sedans.

We are planning on a 5 seat tourer and a utility version based on an XR8 or 6 cylinder Falcon BA/BF Utility with a panel van option as well.

Stephen Robinson – Chief Inspector Performance Driving Centre

“My role was to put this vehicle through an evasive lane change test at no less than 110kph. In my opinion the vehicle performed the task effortlessly. Its turn in response was sharp and precise without any rude shocks being left to the driver to sort out (eg: no front end under steer or rear end over steers).

In both tests, initially with me as the sole occupant and then in the loaded condition with passengers on board, the vehicle was sure footed and enjoyable to drive. Weather conditions on the day were fine, with 10 km wind present.”

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