February 2nd 2016

Here we are back for 2016 which happens to be 21 years of L.D.I.
There has been a lot of water under the bridge in that time as well as a number of
cars out the door!
We now have  rego on the Willeze Delivery with special Thanx to Earl Gilchrist from Autotechnica who was responsible for all the engineering and Testing to gain full rego as an ICV. We have sorted 95% of the teething bugs and little niggles you get from building a car, like rattles and clearances etc. as that is hard to check without road testing the vehicle which you can’t do until a Vin. No. is allocated!
The 63 Caddy is very close to being delivered and we are now full on into Simon’s Wild ’40
and Shane’s 1 Tonner.
The largish van we alluded to in our previous Blog is an International Harvester Metro Delivery Van which we have mounted over a Holden 1 Tonner Chassis with 350/350 combo and FG falcon power rack destined to become
a soup kitchen!
Work is also progressing on the ’54 Chev Kustom with the chop and channel basically done and are starting
on the suicide door conversion. We will organise some pics of the above to be uploaded.
Meanwhile Jess has done a great job getting the web site back on track. Thanx Jess!

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